World Medical Fund USA is registered as a non-profit with the United States of America Inland Revenue (EIN (20-3519246).

The organization\'s focus is on the most vulnerable children in the world\'s poorest nations, working predominately in Africa as an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization).  We work hand in hand  with one of the U.K.\'s most respected charities, the World Medical Fund for Children (established in 1997). It has signed a partnership agreement with UNICEF, is a member of the NGO Board of Malawi, the Council for NGOs, the British Overseas NGOs for development, the Forum for Hospice and Palliative Care Worldwide, a signatory to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct in Disaster Relief and is a fully-registered medical facility with the Malawi Medical Council.

The team

Ruth Calkins: Secretary.

Ruth Calkins lived in Africa during the 1960\'s and early \'70\'s.   Through her website,, she became acquainted with Michael Burt and the World Medical Fund.  She offered to help if Michael ever wanted to expand his operation to the US.  And so, in late 2006, World Medical Fund USA was initiated.  So far, they have sent over $40,000 to help with the work in Malawi.  Ruth visited Malawi in June of 2008.  She says, “I was most impressed with the rural clinics and the dedicated WMF staff.”

David Spencer: Chairman.

"David is currently the Group Head of Human Resources for Lend Lease Corporation based in Sydney, Australia. Until November 2007 he was the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the National School of Government, a UK Government Department based in London. Prior to joining the Government he was the Managing Director of a group of engineering companies which were a part of Smiths Industries. He has also been a Non-Executive Director in the UK of HM Revenue and Customs where he Chaired the Audit Committee.
He currently sits on the Court of Governors of Henley Management College and is Chairman of Trackline International, an engineering company based in Northampton UK".

Michael Burt: CEO and Founder.

Following a Science Research Council funded secondment to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London, where he was involved in elementary particle research and rocket science, Michael joined the Medical Physics team at the Royal London Hospital, working in the Dialysis Unit and Intensive Care Unit. He was involved in the development of the single needle access for haemodialysis. From 1980 onwards Michael used his annual leave to volunteer with charities working in Africa; his experiences during these times, gave the motivation to found this organisation with two key objectives, high achievement on the ground and low admin costs.

Nazlie Chan-Wing-Yen: International Program Co-ordinator.

Nazlie was born on L\'Isle de La Reunion, off the East African coast. Previously an emploment consultant, before joining this organisation as a full-time employee she gave her time as a volunteer and is well experienced in "Hands on" project management in resource-poor environments in Africa.

Matt Radford: Company Secretary

Matt is an Australian accountant, currently working as a Financial Controller. Before deciding to support us, Matt came out to Malawi to see for himself "what we were all about".

Matson Dezi: Chief Clinical Officer

One of the most respected clinicians in Malawi, Matson has worked in both the Mission and District General Hospital sector. He is rightly regarded as one of the leading surgeons in the region.

Francis Nkhoma: Malawi Director

Francis joined WMF in 1998 and was the first employee in Malawi. He has seen the organisation grow until it now has an establishment of over 20 full-time employee and a small army of 150 part-time village health volunteers. 

Revd Dr Anne Bayley: Medical Adviser

When Dr Bayley was Professor of surgery at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia, she was the first clinician to describe the HIV virus in Africa. In Simpson\'s Contemporary Quotations Revd Dr Bayley is quoted at stating "It was like coming home from work and discovering that your spaniel has turned into a was so unexpected".

On two occasions, Revd Dr Bayley has visited our program at Nkhotakota, Malawi and performed an independent assessment of our work. 

Dr Tim Wiggin BSc MBBs MRCGP MSc: Medical Adviser

Formally Medical Superintendent at St Anne\'s Mission Hospital, Nkhotakota, Malawi and is a GP with an interest in palliative care.
Dr Tim Wiggin spent three years working with World Medical Fund at St Anne\'s Mission Hospital in Malawi. He contributed towards the development of the HIV Treatment guidelines for Malawi\'s Ministry of Health, and facilitated the development of the hospital as a TB treatment unit for the National TB programme, and ARV clinic. Palliative care medicine was introduced for inpatients and those being treated at home, and together with the clinical officers, developed safe surgical practice for delivery of the regional maternity services.