The Children\'s Mobile Clinic

In the rural regions of Malawi, children have no access to medical care - denied by the very real problems of poverty and lack of health/transport infrastructure.

To seek medical care, a sick child would typically have to travel 25kms through the bush on foot, then 40kms along the tarmac road and would then face the option of a Mission Hospital where treatment must be paid for and beyond the means of the poor or a Government Hospital where the treatment is free but there are acute shortages of medicine and skilled clinical staff. 

Our response was to set up the Mobile Children\'s Clinics. A simple, cost-effective solution using sturdy 4 x 4 vehicles with a team of clinical officers and nurses and a wide range of medicines and diagnostic tools - we take the medical care to where it is needed - in the villages. 

We are now treating over 35,000 sick children every year and saving young lives every day.

The number of sick children treated in the last month: 3,739 

We need to raise £8,900 each month to continue this life-saving service. 

Can you help? It will truly make a difference.