Interesting cases

Our Children\'s Mobile Clinic regularly comes across medical conditions that we would never see in the developed world. They have developed to such an extent because of lack of access to medical care. We provide the best medical help we can on the spot and refer these cases, depending on which specialist skills are required to either the Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe or the Q.E. Hospital in Blantyre.  

To the right are a few  images from the following example cases:

  • Burkitt\'s Lymphoma: Virtually unknown in the developed world but relatively common in central Africa. Over the last five years the success rate for those we refer with this condition for chemotherapy (like this young lady) is 100%
  • This child presented with several medical problems including a congenical heart defect and has been referred for further investigation.
  • Hydrocephalus: this child was successfully referred for the insertion of A/V shunt - a line inserted under the skin, in the skull enabling the fluid to drain down into the perineum
  • Cancer of the liver: sadly too advanced for treatment, however we were able to minimise the discomfort and pain with palliative care.
  • Tropical ulcers; very common in our area of operation and left untreated can result in the amputation of the limb.