Mother to Child HIV

Mother to Child Transmission of HIV is preventable

WMF has been chosen by UNICEF to deliver this vital PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) program.

Mother to Child Transmission constitutes roughly 30% of all HIV infections in Malawi every year with 30,000 children born infected with the HIV virus.

Without intervention, one third of these children will die before their first birthday.

Mother to child HIV transmission occur in three ways:

  1. Parentally (During Pregnancies)
  2. Perinatally (During delivery)
  3. Breast feeding (Through milk)


Our PMTCT Program:

Nkhotakota District has an estimated population of 273,000 of whom over 92% live in a rural envoronment where 90% of the mothers deliver their children in the villages, assisted by TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants), most of whom will not have received adequate training. 

Our PMTCT program operates through our Mobile Children\'s Clinics via our trained Community Nurse and clinicians.

Our PMTCT program identifies HIV positive pregnant mothers in the clinic areas by offering VCT (Voluntary Counselling and HIV Testing) and educates them about prevention of transmission of the virus to the child.  The key element of our program is that we work closely with the TBAs and provide urgently needed training.

We ensure the expectant mothers are given a Nevirapine tablet to take as soon as labor commences and the new born child receive Nevirapine syrup within 72 hours of birth.

These simple measures drastically reduce the chances of transmission of HIV from the mother to the child.

This program is one of the key foundation stones for building Africa\'s future - please help us continue this vital work by making a donation - it could directly save the life of a child. 

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