War orphans of the DRC

There is a well known African expression "A child with a full tummy will sleep in peace, even if it is under a tree".

The fighting is intense in Goma, our area of operation in the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). The offices of our partner organisation there had its simple offices ransacked at gunpoint earlier in the year.  The innocent victims of the bloodshed are as ever, the children, many of whom have been orphaned by the conflict.

Our program of running feeding stations in the region ensures that at least the children do not go hungry.

Latest Report from Goma: 2nd November 2008.   The  situation here is now critical, hundreds of starving, homeless families and children come to us every day begging for help but our funds are limited and we cannot help them - we desperately need more donations. 

It costs as little as $2 a week to feed a child for one week; $500 will feed 20 children for 3 months.

Can you help?