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WMF Alternative Gift Store

Buying a gift for friends or family will enable us continue our vital work, saving young lives. Once you have selected your gifts your order will be processed by Paypal and you will receive a confirmation email.  Note that you do not need a PayPal account for this - just a credit or debit card.

We value your donation and as a small organisation we can give an individual service.

If it is a gift for someone, we can send you a hand-painted greeting card from Malawi into which you can write your own personal message and post it to the intended recipient - we will always try to fit in with your special wishes just email us to let us know at contact us. (click here)

Thank you for shopping at the WMF Alternative Gift Store!

$30 buys mosquito nets for 3 families.

mosquito net Still Africa's biggest killer, an African child dies from malaria every thirty seconds. The only real protection is to sleep under a permethrin treated mosquito net.

$50 treats 20 children suffering from malaria

MalariaWe are delighted that we now have access at reasonable cost to the ACT combination of drugs that is highly effective and replacing SP that malaria had become resistant to. We see over 10,000 children suffering from malaria every year and need to raise the funds to treat them.

$100 provides lifesaving therapeutic food to 7 children for one week

Malnourished ChildWe see a significant number of desperately malnourished children every day at our mobile clinics. We save their lives by providing them with a special high-protein, high-energy peanut paste supplied in a ready to use sachet that importantly, does not need the addition of water.

A donation of just $200 will pay for 12 month’s treatment, helping us saving the life of a child with AIDS.

Without ARV (Antiretroviral) medicine these children will die; Asileni, pictured here was the first child we treated, nearly four year ago. Her life has been transformed; she is the happiest child you could wish to meet.

$46,606 will buy, equip and ship a new vehicle to Malawi

Land RoverOur robust 4 x 4s are our life-blood; without them we cannot get to the remote villages through difficult terrain and often over 40km from the nearest tarmac road. The vehicle can be sign written with your name or corporate logo.